New Year's Visioning Workshop

New Year's Visioning Workshop

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Another visioning workshop has been released based on demand for another one. Please see details below. Limited Availability. 

On Wednesday 26th January, between 7pm-9pm, we will be hosting another New Year's Visioning workshop that will be delivered by Aamna Khokhar. Aamna is a qualified Life Coach, trainer and educator who specialises in faith-based support and relationship coaching. 

New Year's Visioning Workshop

This workshop will 1) help clarify your values, and 2)  based on these values, you can create a beautiful vision for your life in 2022. 3) You will create a strong action-oriented plan to deliver these goals (as distinct from dreams, which are sometimes not in alignment with your values).

4) We will help you make this distinction between dreams and goals. 

Have a strong start to 2022 by signing up to our workshop! 

Price of £8 for the workshop.