Islam and Biomedical Research Ethics

Islam and Biomedical Research Ethics

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On Friday 11th September we are very proud to present an exciting session on Islam and Biomedical Ethics, in conversation with Dr Mehrunisha Suleman, who has recently published a book of the same title.

Dr. Mehrunisha Suleman is a council member at the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and a post doctoral research associate at the Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge. Her research involves an analysis of the experiences of end of life care (EOLC) services in the UK, from the Muslim perspective. The study will involve a systematic analysis of the views of stakeholders, such as healthcare staff, patients, families, chaplains and Islamic scholars to enable a presentation of a range of challenges and concerns that currently exist in EOLC services within the NHS.

Mehrunisha completed a DPhil in Population Health at the University of Oxford titled “Does Islam influence research ethics?” She read the BA in the Biomedical Sciences Tripos at the University of Cambridge, followed by clinical studies and an MSc in Global Health Sciences, at Oxford University. She worked with Sir Muir Gray on the Department of Health’s QIPP Right Care Programme, and was involved in the design and construction of Population Based Accountable Integrated Care Systems, as well as developing an online tool for commissioners, clinicians and patient groups on health care systems design. She was co-editor of the NHS Atlas of Variation for Diabetes and Liver Disease.

Mehrunisha has also been studying the Islamic Sciences with Sheikh Akram Nadwi and completed her Alimiyyah degree with Al Salaam Institute in 2013. She is an expert for UNESCO’s Ethics Teacher Training Programme.

Booked attendees will be sent a link to the event via email just before the start time.