Funoon Launch Event

Funoon Launch Event

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Funoon launches its faith-inspired NFT platform ( and launches NFT collections by various faith-inspired artists from the creative sector on the 09/03/2022
at Perseverance Works, Shoreditch, London.

The event is open to all who are interested in NFTs, and would like to network with Artists, Collectors and other general enthusiasts in this area. Funoon will show upcoming NFTs that will be launched on their platform in March 2022. 

The platform provides innovative royalty revenue streams for artists and
creators who create content on and about the art, sports and culture of global
Muslim communities through the creation ('minting') of unique cryptographically
secured digital assets. Two of the creatives, Aisha Cahn and Mohammad Chowdhury will be launching their genesis NFT collection at the launch event, and their NFT drops
are the first of at least 20 planned, for other artists from all around the world, including artists from the US, UK, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran and Uzbekistan.

This is a FREE event, however you will need to book by using the link below to make sure we are staying within covid guidelines. The event timings are 6:30pm - 8:30pm.