I met Aamna in 2012 while on a hike in the Lake District. I was instantly struck by her joyful spirit and love for life. We connected and spoke about many things - including our respective professions. I was a coach and she was a teacher. This was the start of our friendship and a journey in coaching. I became Aamna's unofficial coach and she soon referred to me as Baj (big sister) - a term I endear. Then one day she said she would like to become a coach and could I recommend a coaching company or could I run one. I could only recommend the teacher I had learnt from - who has a lot of integrity and is passionate about coaching. But she no longer worked in the U.K. and subsequently offered me her accredited program to run in London. Aamna was one of the first people on this programme.
I have seen Aamna blossom through her life since we met but her development as a coach has been significant. She has gained confidence and is more aligned and clear on her life’s work attracting people who are aligned with her vision. I have seen her coach others in the classroom and it is a work of art. Holding a space of presence and curiosity and asking powerful questions. While the client becomes more aware of their blind spots and clearer in their own path. 
So, yes.  I would highly recommend Aamna as a Coach. 

Mahnaz Bhatti (NoorWorks)