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Think Well, Feel Well: A 5 week online Mental Wellbeing course for FREE

We are proud to present another one of our Think Well, Feel Well Mental Wellbeing courses. Covid has wreaked havoc on our communities, both in terms of the personal losses, and the financial strain that many are going through.  Our 5 week Mental Wellbeing course will help you identify some ways in which you can build up your resilience and provide signposting opportunities for those that may need additional support.  We will hold the course on Saturday mornings from 10am - 12pm starting from the 10th of April 2021.  Aamna Khokhar, a qualified Life Coach, will lead the course, who has successfully delivered a similar course for the Borough of Hackney in 2020.  The course is aimed at members of the...

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The three wise men brought Acceptance, Presence and Love.

The lead up to the holiday season is an exciting time full of lots of cheer and sparkle and yet it can also often be quite chaotic and overwhelming. We can find ourselves in a robotic state following the idealised commercial standards to create the perfect family celebration. Not only do we need to convince the people in the room we are having a grand time we also need to be able to show it on social media! The expensive gifts for family and friends that they wanted, decorations to dazzle even Grinch, a feast that would impress kings and the greatest entertainment for the list of guests meeting all their different preferences. Although the holiday season can bring a...

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Dreams do come true

I dare to dream What do you dream of? Start a business? Find the love of your life? Do you want to have a baby? Go on a cruise? What is it that you really wish for? Do you think you will achieve your dream? Have you ever wanted something so bad that the desire for it burns through your body, the frustration of not having it eats you up and the mere mention of it sends you reeling? You try to forget it and you try to divert your mind but it’s there, your wish, your desire, your dream and it’s still waiting to come true. So how do we make our dreams come true? further details can be...

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