Come and join us for a movie discussion!

Join us for HDC’s inaugural online movie night chat!

It's been over 20 years since it was released, and East is East still is a rib-tickling classic. Come and join us on the evening of the 29th of December (come on, you're probably doing nothing like the rest of us!) for a chit-chat about the film. 20 years on, what are your thoughts on its representation of late 20th century British-Pakistani life in the north of England? For the generation that isn't old enough to have lived through that period, do some of the themes and motifs resonate with their experiences (or are they altogether unbelievably outlandish?)

We will enjoy an evening of informal discussion on the popular film, East is East, which is set in 1970s Salford and charts the lives of Pakistani chip shop owner George Khan who lives with his white wife Ella and their seven children. George wants to raise his children as devout Muslims, but things go wrong when his eldest son Nazir flees his arranged marriage midway through the ceremony. Undeterred, George plans a marriage for his son Tariq, but when Tariq discovers what is happening he rebels against his father, and the future of the family is plunged into doubt....

The film throws up a number of interesting and relatable themes around migrant communities, mixed race marriages and the generational clash in the practice of orthodox religion. These themes play out in a plot which balances superb comedy with important messaging on the challenges faced in our communities.

Please watch the film (available on Amazon Prime) before our session and join us for a fluid and organic discussion on the film and what it means to you! We will host the event over Zoom, so please join in whatever way you are comfortable: camera on or off, lead the discussion or simply listen in!

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