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Bake with Nadia

We're excited to invite you to our first Instagram Live event on the Halal Dinner Club Instagram page. Dr Nadia Ahmed is a loyal member of the HDC team, a bubbly, proud northerner, baking queen extraordinaire and a big fan of all things Bollywood. She strives to be on the GBBO very soon - watch this space!  Nadia is going to soon be starting her new post as a Consultant Orthodontist (iA!) and amongst other things will be chatting about her career journey, resilience, and her life as a trainee in the NHS.  Things you need to do!    1) follow us on Instagram (@halaldinnerclub)  2) gather your ingredients  125g unsalted butter - at room temperature  125g sugar  125g golden...

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Come and join us for a movie discussion!

It's been over 20 years since it was released, and East is East still is a rib-tickling classic. Come and join us on the evening of the 29th of December (come on, you're probably doing nothing like the rest of us!) for a chit-chat about the film. 20 years on, what are your thoughts on its representation of late 20th century British-Pakistani life in the north of England? For the generation that isn't old enough to have lived through that period, do some of the themes and motifs resonate with their experiences (or are they altogether unbelievably outlandish?)

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The three wise men brought Acceptance, Presence and Love.

The lead up to the holiday season is an exciting time full of lots of cheer and sparkle and yet it can also often be quite chaotic and overwhelming. We can find ourselves in a robotic state following the idealised commercial standards to create the perfect family celebration. Not only do we need to convince the people in the room we are having a grand time we also need to be able to show it on social media! The expensive gifts for family and friends that they wanted, decorations to dazzle even Grinch, a feast that would impress kings and the greatest entertainment for the list of guests meeting all their different preferences. Although the holiday season can bring a...

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