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Free e-book!

Dream Life Manifestation: 7 Secrets To Creating Your Best Life Possible Heather Mathews has allowed us to provide a free e-book for you available on LeafCoaching.com. The ebook, called 'Dream Life Manifestation' is a great introduction to her system, and covers a lot of good ground.  It contains 7 secrets to create your best possible life, and whilst it's an American text, much of what is said in there is pertinent for us here in the United Kingdom.  You can access the PDF as a free download product here.     

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5 Powerful Ways To Attract Abundance In Your Life

5 Powerful Ways To Attract Abundance In Your Life By Heather Mathews  Author of Manifestation Miracle “Don't accept the fear that scarcity exists in any corner of your life. There is enough love, enough time, enough healing to go around. Give what you wish to receive.” ― Jewel Lisa, a stay-at-home mom of three kids, recently got back into the workforce. She decided to focus on raising her kids, so she put her property management career on hold for a while. When Lisa's youngest child started going to junior high school (and her oldest one started college), she applied for a position as vice president of operations at a high-end shopping mall. As it happened, the current person at the...

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